Flying Tigers

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Ticsoft Vertical shooter

Vertical scrolling shooter a la 1984

If you love the simplicity of games like 1984 or other NES era vertically scrolling fast paced shooters, this game will feel just as rewarding. I don't mention 1984 just as a coincidence. I'm not sure whether the developers stole some of the aircraft patterns or they had some contractual understanding, but either way, there are several elements that seem to be directly lifted form that series. First and foremost a lot of the action is taking place over swaths of ocean, just a blue background image sprinkled with lots of aircrafts and other soil based threats. What is weird however is that you'll control a plane that looks more like a flying saucer, and so, it's a bit of a disconnect between your vessel and the rest of the planes. But it won't really matter, because you'll be quite engaged in dodging projectiles, aiming and shooting and collecting upgrades. Just be careful and don't spam the shoot button into the upgrades because, just as in 1984 you will gradually diminish their value. Other than that make sure you shoot at random patches of water as they can at times hide bunkers within which you can upgrade your plane. The game, sports better graphics than the 1984 title and is thus a very playable title even today. I highly recommend it.

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