Arcade 1995 Dos Dosbox CDV Vertical shooter

Cracking slice of sci-fi action

There's nothing quite like a vertically scrolling shooter for some pure old-school, arcade thrills and in Baryon we have what is perhaps finest on the best examples of the genre, that stands comfortably alongside the likes of Raiden and Tyrian. It's not exactly brimming with originality but it doesn't matter too much as everything in it is simply so well done and put together that the game is just pure entertainment from start to finish. As you'd expect, it's a fairly typical science fiction themed shooter which simply involves scrolling up the screen blasting everything that comes your way with an array of nicely destructive weapons. To kick off the game, you have the choice of two ships, each with their own weapon types and which adds to the replay value somewhat while the upgradeable weapons include the likes of shields, missiles and bombs. There's not much else to discuss to be honest and anyone who's ever played a scrolling shooter will be right at home here. Fortunately though, even newcomers to the genre will be able to pick things up pretty quickly and the game features a decent difficulty curve, without the fiendish frustration that comes with other similar games. Visually, Baryon is pretty slick stuff, with some well designed sprites, enemies and explosions, while environments are varied and also interesting to look at. The controls are tight and responsive but a special mention must go to the soundtrack which is superb and adds a immense amount of atmosphere to an already exciting game. If you love shooters, then this is a must play but even if you don't, do yourself a favour and check it out anyway.

High paced shooter game

An immensely admirable arcade top-down shooter game that has been loved by many. The plot of the game is that you have to battle in an area which has been infested by Aliens. It is all out fast action where you have to destroy everything that comes your way. The shooting action is really faced pace which keeps the adrenalin rush flowing and you get to face a huge variety of bad guys. The game controls are amazing and you can easily play around with your hero on the screen that instantly floods with different enemies. The graphics do not match to the standards of today's arcade games but is still worthy to keep the user interested. Apart from the reasonably attractive graphics, the sound is also a true combat game sound and makes the game exciting. You have to be quick in avoiding the fire of the enemies to reach the bad boss. There are many powers up options and bonuses along the stages which keep the fighting high paced. Overall it's a great shooter game which can be rated A anytime. It's very much similar to Raiden that is a well-known shooter game and is also worth giving a shot.

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