Arya Vaiv

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Dongleware Vertical shooter

Vertical shooter in space; well done!

Arya Vaiv isn't too original a space shooter; it's a vertical scrolling, ship based shooter, with graphics that are diverse, yet not quality oriented. For instance, some of the levels are nothing more than some 2D wireframes which you scroll around with, with enemies approaching you from different directions. Then, there are the levels that try to simulate other surfaces, and that do little to up the quality of the base game. Yet, all in all, Arya Vaiv plays well, and is a kind of game that you'll like, if you just want to shoot in space, and not worry about much else. For that, without question, Arya Vaiv is pretty well produced and has all the elements needed. You also get a good amount of upgrades from the game, with some of them pretty spectacular, adding a lot of oomph to your ship. Other one ups are rather useful if you care for your score, as they boost your score directly, offering you a very satisfying experience. So, give it a try, Arya Vaiv will surely not disappoint, and will more than likely keep your breaks fun. Else, download Baryon, much ore graphically endowed space shooter, and much more diverse, overall.

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