Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox ICOM Simulations Mystery Horror

Explore a haunted house to find your sister

Veteran RPG players will probably connect this game to 1987 Shadowgate, for it has a pretty similar plot line and gameplay, but Shadwogate is an RPG, while Uninvited is a horror point and click adventure game. The plot is pretty interesting - after a car crash, you have to go and explore a haunted house to find your sister that has mysteriously gone missing. As you explore the house, you soon find out that the mansion actually belongs to a sorcerer, whose apprentice Dracan killed the other inhabitants of the house, making it haunted. The gameplay is mostly consisted of you exploring the spooky house and finding items that help you solve lots of puzzles that are, while fun, somewhat illogical and confusing. And while the whole atmosphere is pretty cool, the whole house is like a confusing maze that will soon tire you enough to think about actually quitting the game. The graphics are very low quality, as expected for a game from the mid eighties. The final verdict is - a pretty solid adventure game that is only for the patient and those with a strong will.

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