Army Men: Air Tactics

Strategy 2000 Windows 3DO Company Real time Top down

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Air bound tactics with the green soldier men!

The Tan army nation, the forever sworn enemies of the peaceful green army men have now found a new dimension to try and suppress the lands of the green peaceful people. But, as always, the industrious plastic soldiers don't just pause and accept this state of affairs, nope, they get air bound themselves, and counterattack. Granted, the game is still a top down affair, in 2D, which controls and feels mostly like a earth bound conflict. So, yeah, the third dimension is not that important to this tactics game, a mini RTS that will ask you to controls your flying units and make the most out of the scenarios the game presents you with. Unfortunately, these scenarios are not as diverse as they could have been. Plus, the tactics, if you consider them closely, are pretty limited; you have to make sure you pack more units than your enemy and the scene is set with a victory. Rarely do you need to think in more detailed terms about your assaults or your resistance, plus, the game doesn't provide you the tools to construct more thought out strategies. But, nonetheless, for a game that will introduce you to top down tactics, for kids and for those that don't want lots of diversity, Army Men: Air Tactics is alright. I like more Army Men 2, lots more diverse and challenging, a downright fully fledged RTS. Air Tactics unfortunately missed the mark in my view, on a few too many levels, unfortunately.

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