Ford Racing 3

Racing 2004 Windows Akella Car simulation Driving Action Simulation sport

Not exactly thrilling stuff

The first two games in this series, Ford Racing and Ford Racing 2, were distinctly average driving games that were really only of interest to dedicated fans of the car manufacturer due to a number of issues which made them less than exciting stuff. Unfortunately, this third installment doesn't really rectify any of these problems and remains a very run-of-the-mill offering. There are two main modes on offer here, the principal one being Ford Competition. Here, you'll race through 14 themed cups aiming to be the top of the heap by simply driving faster than everyone else. In Ford Challenge, you'll take on single races but across a variety of game modes, like boost, relay, overtake and so on and which require you to complete specific goals before moving on to the next. Driving well in either mode allows you to unlock more cars, of which there are now over fifty including GTs, Mustangs and trucks. The PC version includes a LAN mode for playing head to head with a friend but in terms of options, that's about it here. Again, Ford Racing 3 doesn't come up trumps in any particular element and simply turns out to be a very average game. It is obviously a budget title but that's not always a bad thing. However, this one suffers from very similar issues to the earlier titles which include some very poor handling of the cars and some truly bad AI for the other racers. There's not real sense of style or presentation either so when all this is added up, you're left with just another bland racer.

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