Topspeed 300

Racing 2000 Windows Andreas Pollak Car simulation Driving

Similar to early NFS titles

If you've played Need for Speed before, than you will feel right at home in Topspeed 300, which is a fast yet not a simulation, an arcade racer, but a fairly well executed one, relatively diverse too and pretty well done, from all the points of view. In truth, Topspeed 300 is a nice game, because, on one hand, it allows you to choose and pick form a very different roaster of vehicles, that actually run very differently one to another, and also, you get a massive number of tracks too, each one testing you from a different point of view. Thus, Topspeed 300 can be enjoyed both for short bursts of play, as well as for longer sessions, depending on how you play to play it. As a less palatable and fun fact, Topspeed 300 keeps you inside your vehicle for the duration of the game, but at least the interior has a moving wheel and you can see the road well enough. So, graphically, it's not a revelation, but it looks good enough, and there is enough detail of the roads to keep you playing. It's a great old school racer in 3D, so if that is what you were looking for, this game here delivers without question.

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