Escape from Hell

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Top down Fantasy

How is it like to be in Hell?

A very funny, yet original RPG game that will probably make you giggle more than a few times. This fun game is set not on this world, or some imaginary fantasy world full of dragons and elves, but on the world where all naughty people go when they die - Hell. Your character is an ordinary (non evil) guy who, by mishap, just happen to get there! He gets to talk to hell creatures, demons and find a way to get back home. He has a guardian angel, though. Why he never comes to your help, is something you have to find out. A warning those, people with no sense of humor might think something of constant pun making and mockery of the Bible and Christian values, since all the weapons and items have that sort of pun in them, as well as rest of the game. If you choose to think of it as a good joke, the game is hilariously fun, but don't take it lightly, though, since it is still pretty hard to manage. There are a lot more puzzles than an average RPG, so the game makes its way into adventure style, too. The top down viewer perspective is just perfect in this game and the graphics are limited and grainy, with rather simple colors, but still just fine. In any case, this is a fun and witty game that will surely provide lots of laughs and enjoyment.

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