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A post apocalyptic wonder of an RPG

Wasteland, although very old school, is an RPG game that truly should be both loved and respected for an abundance of reasons, and I shall name only a few. First, about the setting. You are in an alternate history time line, where World War 3 has occurred and left the world as a desert wasteland. The only way to survive is to team up in bandit groups and plunder anything you can. And in such an amazing environment, you start your game as a part of such a band, and you go from town to town and soon discover some disturbing news... The game recreates that desperate and chilling atmosphere just perfectly. What is also great about the game is the main character him self, or better to say, you. You can create your character however you please, without relying on classes, since the character development system has a very elaborate and unique way of making your character better and stronger and relies on your surroundings and actions, rather than defining them. The game is such that is definitely leaves an impression on you and, you can't help but strongly relate to the game's protagonists and what you've been through together. Combine that with an awesome plot line and very nice graphics for that time, and you get yourself one heck of a game.

The first Fallout

Many people do not know that this game was the true first Fallout, before the current Fallout series. A few of the elements from this game made it into the first Fallout game. For some reason-unknown to me- the creators started over and renamed it Fallout. A good game to play and view for only what it would lead to: Fallout series.

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