Sweet Home

RPG 1989 Nintendo Capcom Top down Fantasy Adventure style

Minimalist top down survival horror RPG

I don't really think that anyone will get scared by Sweet Home but back in 89 it was considered one hell of a scary game. Gameplay wise it was a combination of RPG as in the time of Zelda with that 8 bit flavor that is hit or miss today. Anyway, the story the game proposes is delivered via interactions that will remind you of 8bit RPG. The premise? You and a bunch of your friends are aught underground by a cave wall collapsing on your. From there on it's all about finding an alternative exit. And, what do you know? The cave system turns to be a full on dungeon that packs both weaponry and shield and all that, plus the enemies to go berserk on. For a top down 8bit era game, Sweet Home looks nice enough, and, to be frank the eerie sound effects do a good enough job to keep you invested. The battles? The battles are all turn based, quite fitting for the game, and escalatingly difficult, especially if you don't explore enough to locate better weaponry. I personally found the game just as nice as some of the early Final Fantasy games so if that's your cup of tea, you're sure to find this game appealing.

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