Sentinel Worlds

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Top down Organized Forces

Space opera RPG/strategy

The game is a combination of space based 2D fights with a story and background which adds a flavor of RPG to the whole affair. Thus, the game feels like some sort of space opera, where you're also tasked with battles. This rather strategic portion of the game is very interesting in that, while very simple, it still manages to convey a sense of conflict, where you want to use the right tactics at the right time, fire your weapons when the shields of your enemies are down and try to avoid damage as much as possible. The story however will make most of the Star Trek generation players smile. There's something involuntarily funny about the premise and the way it is presented, graphics and story per se, so, you won't really be able to settle in, be drawn in. However, it is similar in fashion to a lesser Star Trek, The Original Series, so if you're not looking for quality you might enjoy it. Other than that, the crude graphics might be another major point of contention with many players, but with old school DOS gamers that will be just a small issue.

C64 memories

I remember playing this game back on my C=64. It was one of the few space RPGs I found. I still feel it has some concepts that are ideal and advanced for their time, and if worked into modern RPGs would be fantastic. I particularly lik the ability to hack the ships programs to improve your ship, and the ability to target specific components of enemy vessels. The graphics were very simplistic, even for their time, and the monotonous music did not do the game service. Still, it had a lot of playability and replayability in my opinion. I can still enjoy this game today for the starship blasting fun, as long as I turn off the sound and turn on winamp in the background. Playing it in a Dos Emulator is actually even more enjoyable, as I do not have to keep switching disks and waiting for load times. I do wish that there were more portraits to choose from when creating your own character. If you like classic RPGs such as Wasteland and The Bards Tale, give this one a look.

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