Fourth Generation, The

Arcade 1997 Windows Webfoot Technologies Horizontal shooter Side scrolling Flight shooter

The DOS Shooter

From my childhood this game was one of my favorite. It has been made for dos, and was the first game in its kind, where they could use more than 30 frame/sec in dos, like movies. It's graphic was fantastic, and the music was brilliant also. It's atmosphere was relaxing however that was a shootemup game. After the shareware I hardly waited the full version years later.

Gradius like sidescroller shooter, less diverse though

The Fourth Generation is a sidescroller shooter, the kind that you've played before, if you've played games such as Gradius. However, while Gradius was thoroughly enticing and original, with lots of diverse gameplay challenges, this one is pretty much the same throughout. It does indeed increase difficulty, but in no smart and interesting (nor mind bending!) way, but by simply throwing more enemies your way. This can be enough for a while, for a few levels, but afterwards it gets too difficult while also too boring to be worth keeping playing. So, with all these lackluster elements to fit the bill, The Fourth Generation is a bit of a letdown. However, if you want a game where you know what to expect from start to finish you can't go wrong with this one, it wears its heart on its sleeve from start to finish! So, yeah, give it a go if you will but know not to ask or expect too much. As far as no pretentions shareware go, it fits the bill a little too well! Alternatively, download a game as R Type, but be prepared to be swiped off your feet and have your adrenal glands raging!

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