Gradius Deluxe Pack

Arcade 1996 Windows Konami Vertical shooter

For fans - Gradius I and II together

Gradius Deluxe Pack is a cool pack that is made exclusively for Windows 95 and is a remake of the great eighties shooter games Gradius I and II. What is Gradius, you ask? Well, Gradius is a cool 8bit shooter game and is even considered one of the best shooters and a classic, deservedly so. In Gradius you must maneuver a spacecraft known as the Vic Viper and must defend yourself from the various alien enemies in a classic side scrolling shooter manner. It must sound like any other shooter game. But what makes this game stand out when compared to other games of the genre is the great addictive gameplay, fantastic visuals and lot and lots of action and explosion. Same can be said for the second game in the pack, Gradius II, with an identical gameplay, only more levels. Both games are insanely fun and swept the gaming community of the eighties within weeks from release. I believe that, if you are a true gamer, you will love and respect the Gradius franchise and think of this Deluxe pack as a great fan's treat. Enjoy!

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