Arcade 2001 Windows Smozzie Single screen Puzzle based

Excellent board game with variety

This freeware war is though not good in terms of the graphics but the gameplay and the variety is good enough for making it an exciting game. Though the concept here is very much like board games but there is a good variety of options and enhancements which supports a fine gameplay. The goal that you are assigned here is to cover the whole of the world map eliminating you opponent. The game can be played with at most 6 members and they might be humans or the computer. Well it's more fun if you play it with human opponents because the computer is not much competitive and can be eliminated quite easily. Defend your country and capture others by sending in troops for building ports. The best feature about this game is its customization feature as you have the leverage to change or vary almost every of the parameters such as land shapes and sizes, and the mechanics of the game along with the personality of the computer players. I always admire this game for being fun and not being too complex and similarly fun puzzle board game like Gobman.

Fracas, multiplayer game

Fracas has very little to offer from the point of graphics. You can play any where from 2 to six players. You can set different characteristics of each computer opponent. After you play it a couple of times you'll find the AI to be quite simple but is an excellent game to play against human players. You can customize the playing maps and the events that take place during the game.

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