Arcade 2001 Windows Oriental Puzzle based Action based

Azumanga Daioh themed fighter/brawler

You may not know about this manga series, Azumanga Daioh, but it was a very popular one in Japan. Thus, games based on that manga series were produced, some that never left the Japanese market, others, like this one, that did. So, Azutama is a brawler/fighter game that features the entire roaster of characters from the above stated manga series. In terms of quality, it's a budget title, though not a badly executed one. What keeps it less than very good is the fact that all players are built on the same idea, they all share 90 percent of their moves, and then, each one has a special move. However, only about 3 or 4 character's special moves are actually valuable in a fight, so, in this game picking a fighter at random might not be the best course of action! Other than that, the game is produced in 2D, with the characters all having the same manga children look, and in between fights, you can see a character move around in this campus where the fights are taking place. Definitely fun for short bursts of play, but not a game that will replace your Guilty Gear games or any other truly remarkable fighting series.

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