Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Filipe Mateus Single screen Puzzle based

Pac-man fans rejoice

The classic Pac-man is the fairly obvious inspiration for Gobman and while the original was truly novel for its time, the concept hasn't aged well and this version simply comes across as a poor copy. The gameplay requires no real introduction and simply requires the player to navigate through a single-screen maze, avoiding ghosts and gobbling down pills. That really is all there is to it, and while things are amusing for a while, the game gets dull and repetitive very quickly. On the plus side, graphics are simple but effective, with some personality added to both Gobman and the ghosts through the addition of extra details but the awful sound quickly induces a headache and is likely to be switched off by most players. Although Gobman is a faithful re-interpretation of a true classic, it also acts as a reminder that some games are best left in the past. Hardcore retro buffs may find some fun here for its nostalgia value, and rabid high-score addicts will take pleasure in seeing their name in the Hall of Fame. However, casual gamers would do well to avoid taking this trip down memory lane and are better advised to stay in the present.

Pacman look-alike

Practically a clone of the legendary and ultra mega famous Pacman, Gobman copies its design and gameplay almost 100 percent - you go through a maze running from the little ghost like things that are trying to eat you and try to get to the coins which make them edible to YOU, all the while collecting points and trying to get the higher one to get into the leader board. The game has only the slightest changes in the game design, such as the font of the letters and the game's menu, and the fact that Gomban has these big eyes that Pacman doesn't, enough for the game to be considered an original, even though we all know it's not. But still, the game is as exciting and addictive to play as the real thing. As I often say, simplicity may sometimes bring the best things and this game is definitely an example in this saying. Just like real Pacman, this game will bring you hours of hours of gaming oblivion while you and your ghosty enemies run around in circles in the perpetual game of cat and mouse.

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