Free Enterpri$e

Simulation 1996 Windows Foxy Hotware Trade or management

Pretty cool business sim game

Free Enterprise is a very good business simulation that went largely unnoticed after its release which is a shame, and was probably just because of marketing reasons, since the game is actually very good. In this game you are a head of the company and have to manage everything about the product you're making, from its layout and design to its commercial marketing in the world. You also have to manage your work crew and that's where you can have most fun - you have to keep your employees happy and manage their need or else they might turn your back on you. The game is pretty complex and detailed and you might find your self a bit confused by all the options and won't know what to at first, but when you get the hang of it, you'll find it very addictive and fun - if that is the kind of game you like. The graphics are okay, nothing special, and I would say that they are even below average for this time in game designs. But still, it's definitely worth your time. For similar games, try out Yoot Tower or Business Tycoon

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