Simulation 1996 Windows Microprose Trade or management

An ok soccer manager simulation

It's an average soccer management game and the theme is very much the same like we see in the games of this genre. Your role is obviously that of a soccer team manager and you have 11 different seasons to go through to make yourself an established manager and to increase your fortune. Quite obviously you will start your career with the small teams in which you wil buy and sell players and manage their issues and problems so that you can make them win matches and tournaments. Once you start to gain success, you will be given offers by other teams and you will have to decide which will suit you best. In terms of the strategic and the simulation items, the game is quite realistic because the developers have done a lot of home work on the real dynamics that go in the world of soccer. Almost all the famous national leagues are there in the game which means that you will be doing it on a big platform. You can also employ an assistant manger to help you out in the process and can even improve the features of your stadium. The graphics in the game are good and detailed and the A1 is great to my liking. SimPark is another simulation which is close to my heart.

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