Frog Squad

Action 2001 Windows Lightmare Interactive Shooter

Frogs in 3D!

Frog Squad is actually a pretty neat little update to a classic formula which does something slightly different with its inspiration an which thus makes a refreshing change from the usual clones and copies. The inspiration here is the classic Frogger, which if you're unacquainted with this slice of video gaming legend, is a sort of single screen arcade game, where you control a frog through a series of levels, avoiding traffic and other hazards in your goal to reach the safety of a pond. This one is basically the same principle in terms of concept and gameplay but mixes things up by changing it three dimensions, which actually renders the game quite interesting even if you're a veteran of the 2D original. The goal is still the same and you're required to jump over logs, dodge cars and so on but there's something about the new dimension which brings a lot to the appeal. Unlike other clones such as Champ Kong or Ultris, this at least shows some attempt to do something a little different, even if it isn't staggeringly original and it must be applauded for this fact, if only quietly. There are plenty of new obstacles to avoid in this new version but unfortunately they don't behave any differently and are only really there for aesthetic versions but at least some effort was made. The visuals are quite pleasing, with a nice cartoony feel to the game and some imagination in the obstacle design (the witches on broomsticks are perhaps the best), while the controls are simple and responsive. While certainly far from a must play, Frog Squad makes for an entertaining time waster.

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