Front Lines

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Impressions Games Alternate History

Polished and satisfying wargame

In Front Lines you will swap between the tactical low level, that allows you to get a better view of close encounters and a higher view, bound to hexagons. Thus, you can drop closer to the action and get involved to the activities that you want to. And, so, the game puts as much detail in the game as you want, but it never pushes it towards you at every step of the way, making the experience very palatable and easy to interact with. Also, the controls are very simple and also nicely implemented. Thus, I would argue, within the early 90s wargames, this one finds a perfect balance between simplicity in execution and depth of the game sessions you can have. Thus, compare to a game like Empire Deluxe this one is much more playable for novices, in fact giving you no more than you need but never being dumbed down. So, if you're just progressing towards wargaming experiences, this can be a good gateway game. See how you like, and if you're not convinced, let me direct you towards another rather approachable game, World Empire, which has a darker theme, though, graphically and as overall narration.

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