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Postapocalyptic survival and strategy game

The few remaining survivors of a nuclear catastrophe might yet have a chance to see the civilization bloom again, but in order for that to happen you have to intervene and take affirmative action! And, what the game puts at your feet in order to allow you this, is a number of RTS tools and controls. The game plays as a real time strategy game, but it is so well entwined with its story that it almost plays as a role playing game, or, rather, as a combination of story driven game plus strategy. There is also a lot of exploration in the game, and along with that, you have to manage supplies, take care of economics and other simple tasks in this area. Civilization is a game with which this one shares a few ideas, but these elements are not central to the game, though they even add a certain dose of 4X, even if bound to the surface of Earth. Anyway, it's a well executed game, even if at times it can trip over its own feet, and in doing so it kind of takes away from the fun it offers. At any rate, it's a blend of elements that is worth looking into, if you like strategy, postapocalyptic scenarios and the like.

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