Close Combat 4: The Battle of the Bulge

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Incredible in all ways

Close Combat 4: The Battle of the Bulge is a 1999 simulation strategy game set in historical war times, where you choose to play as Germans or Americans. The battles take place through the densely forested Ardennes. Unlike the previous Close Combat, where you organized up till 15 groups of warriors, in this fourth game you play as a front commander, that has more military detachments. The detachments are created thoroughly, by the producers that took into account every little detail concerning their organization. No matter you choose to play a single battle (and operations), a more complex and involved campaign mode or the multiplayer option, the more important thing you have to consider is the strategic planification. The map shows the areas where the fights will take place, and with it you can initiate battles and move your team on the battlefield. This game recreates perfectly those historical events, by the weather conditions implemented, being the same as those real days full of tension. If you need backup, you have to adopt some tactics considering their access paths, giving the fact that the Ardennes forest is very dense. So, you have to make sure their courses are clear. Unlike the previous game, CC4 makes a big step when it comes to the artificial intelligence (AI). In CC3, for example, your team was a bit mentally unconscious when sending their most powerful artillery when it wasn't the right time or place. But, this time, in CC4, things are significantly changed, and the strategies and actions are more reasoned. All in all, this game is a very successful sequel, with its exceptional options and incredible war setting.

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