Racing 2000 Windows Humorous Off road

A fun and wacky racing game

FunRun doesn't bring anything especially new to this game franchise, but is still very addictive, exciting and helluva lot of fun for both kids and adults of all ages. The premise is simple - race other cars and try to get to the first place by any means possible. Try to outrace them with your driving capabilities or pick up lots of powerups and items along the way that will help you get to the finish line in time. The cars and tracks are both fantastically designed and very detailed, and the game oozes with that wacky, humorous atmosphere like Wacky Wheels, for instance. The graphics overall are in very cool 3D, with very smooth designs, lots of detail and very nice animation. The game's music and audio effects are also very cute and very realistic. The game is insanely fun and will probably hook you up for hours on end. Family members might argue over computer time because of this game, so I suggest you arrange the schedule before hand! A great game that provides great fun. Two thumbs all the way up!

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