Race Mania

Racing 1995 Dos Dosbox Flair Software Humorous Off road

Mini cars racing; maximum cartoonishness and fun!

Race Mania is a minimalist game, graphically, based around racing top down cars, and very cartoonish ones, colorful like it's a carnival ride all over! In terms of playability, Race Mania is simply great, plays absolutely fantastic and you really can't find anything that will bring you down. Also, what I love about Race Mania is the fact that it gives you lots of options, it gives you lots of diverse gameplay and it it like a coloring book gotten alive! Controls wise it's also great, as the small vehicles behave interestingly; not realistically, but definitely not without some rules. The races are very tight and the tracks are also pretty diverse, but there will be loads of impacts and loads of scratching, which is why you will absolutely love the game. Also, what is fantastic about the game, is the fact that each car also has its own distinct driving personality, if you will, with some that will over steer, and others that accelerate faster and so on. But all in all the game offers a balanced challenge each round. So, have it in your collection, it won't disappoint. Else download Speed Racer: The Challenge of Racer X, a bit plastic like in feel, but super playable still.

Fun, exciting, hillarious

This is another one of those cool funny offroad racing games that give you fun and giggles. The game clearly sets the rules - Fair play strictly prohibited! And that's where the hilarious fun commences. You can shove, push, pull, smash, strike, shoot, anything, just to get to the finish line first. The car selection is very cool - from simple cars to police cars to monster trucks - everything is available to you. The tracks are also very cool, with a lot of bends and turns that will guarantee a lot of fighting for position. It's die or get killed here. As brutal as it gets. The game is fast, fun and dynamic. The game's high quality graphics and upbeat music make the game all the better. It mostly reminds me of games like Death Rally and Micro Machines, since the game has elements of both of those games (although, in all honesty, they are light years better than this one). If you are a fan of such games, you will absolutely adore this funny and exciting arcade racing game.

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