Wacky Wheels

Racing 1994 Dos Dosbox Apogee Humorous Rally Arcade style Action

Sprite based Go Karts with a wacky ensemble!

Wacky Wheels is a Mario Kart like sprite based kart racing game, and a pretty well done; as such, you will get a pretty cool racer, speedy enough, with a well done graphics engine, yet nothing too fancy, you know, not a game that heavy in simulation, that will take a lot to learn and get used to. So, with that in mind, play this game when you feel that you need to relax, and yet you still need something that has you concentrating on a task! In terms of number of carts, graphically there are a few, but, behavior and controls wise, all of them are pretty classic, and don't have too large differences in between them. But, overall, the game is cool, well done, and, also pretty satisfying to sink into. There are raccoons, tigers, elephants, and sharks playing against you on the (alright) tracks, so, if that is a plus for you, it definitely will offer you a nice and well done produced game, pretty satisfying from many points of view. A good alternative can be Lotus, as more serious sprite based racer, yet still one that can keep you entertained for hours.


Wacky Wheels is one of the funnest and wackiest racing game I have ever played, and play to this day. This is an excellent example of a game where fun, challenge and humor are met in a wonderful and exciting blend that will keep you occupied for a whole day or more. The point of the game is as in every other game of this genre - get to the finish line and eliminate your opponents any way you possibly can. Along the way you can pick up bombs and rifles which you can use to shoot at your enemies (you can't kill them but you can slow them down significantly), all the while driving over hostile terrains that are a challenge on their own. You can compete in various cups and there is even a mini game involved, where you drive around in a track, on a time limit, and the only goal is to shoot down a certain amount of ducks to be successful! The tracks are greatly designed, and all the playable characters (depicted as animals) all have their unique character and charm that will make you fall in love with them instantly :) The graphics are very good and the animation solid, but the sound effects leave much to be desired. So, shut down the music, put something of your own as a background and keep racing! For similarly great games, try Big Red Racing or Megarace 2.

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