Action 1995 Windows Microsoft Science Fiction Flight shooter

Defeat the Bion Evil!

Fury3 is a science fiction space fighter combat game published by Microsoft. You are the councilor, an elite pilot and your mission is to wipe out the evil Bion race and take back human territory.Every thing in this game is real-time 3D except movies and the HUD. The map appears to be 255x255 polygonal terrain that will loop around at the edges. On systems it was designed to be played on, the short draw distance must have been a frame rate lifesaver as it kept the number of polygons down while still showing mission elements through the fog. However, playing it natively on a Pentium 4 Windows XP machine or on Mac OS X Wine I had no problems with frame rate, sound, or anything else for that matter. This game does not run in DOSBox, as it is not a DOS game. It shares the same game engine as Terminal Velocity.To beat Fury3, you must complete 3 missions on each of 8 planets. Just before completing each world, you must face a Boss to continue. All the while you rack up a highscore, as per usual for games of this style. The enemies start slow, weak, and predictable, taking only one hit to destroy, while their shots against you are relatively ineffective. However, over the course of the game, they get harder to track and more intelligent, dodging your fire and shooting more powerful weapons.After first launching into a new game, I was instructed to head between buildings that all need to be destroyed. At some point I received some power ups, but had no idea how to use them, as the only instructions that were given was the quick start. This quick start only told you the main objectives of the game and basic keys. Be sure to consult the help manual before getting too far in. Fury3 strikes me as a very well designed and finished game. There are many enemies and structures that change depending on the planet, the gameplay is quite addicting, and the story is thought out rather decently. I would have like to have seen a tutorial level of some sort to explain the controls and other aspects of the game instead of having to read Microsoft's famous Help Topics.

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