Fury of the Furries

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Kalisto Entertainment Cartoon Platformer Puzzle based

The furball Tiny goes on a sidescrolling adventure!

Fury of the Furries is a sidescroller game, that offers you a beautiful, well produced, diverse set of levels, in which you will have to control the tiny Tiny (sic!) a furball that can jump, can go fast, slow, and generally just be up for all kinds of exploration. Each level consists of tiles, laid in different ways to create different areas; the graphical outlook of all of these tiles looks different from one another, and while some themes can be easily spotted (Egyptian, Japanese, etc.) some others are just visual, without taking you to some real world type of architecture or some other kind of real world cue set. But, all in all, the levels are just great, and Tiny moves so well and fast, that it's a joy to sink into it. Yes, it can get hard at times, as these areas also get suffused with enemies, but for the most part the game just doesn't go the way of being super hard, though it's always challenging. So, definitely, you should have a go at it. So, if you like it, download also Pac-In-Time, which is like the US version of it, with a few changes here and there, but at the core the same experience. It's a cool timewaster nonetheless!

An exciting and adorable platformer

It's a cartoon platform/puzzle game which was released in 1993 in Europe. The game has been designed on the same theme which you find with many platform games but has some of its own distinctive features. In this game you have to control or play with a cute and round creature which is called as tiny. Tiny has to rescue the king from the wicked tiny who has also turned other Tinies into deadly mindless monsters. Tiny features a lot of abilities which makes the game play quite interesting and fun. Tiny can swim, eat rocks, turn into a Fire ball spitter and can also swing from one rope to another. You have to use the combination of these abilities at different stages. The Execution of the moves is swift and easy and the graphics are clearly defined to add depth and variety to this platform game. You also have the option to switch from one tiny to another and each one will have its own abilities. Puzzles have also been incorporated in a physical form where you have to solve how to move from one point to another point. So the combination is an overall exciting one where you have good graphics, smooth game play, and a variety of interesting game play options. The game resembles very much to the 1994 Pac in Time which is another great platform game.

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