Incoming Forces

Action 2002 Windows Hip Interactive Corp. Science Fiction Flight shooter

This time it's revenge

Incoming Forces, and its prequel Incoming, aren't exactly complex or deep but they certainly scratch that shooting itch. They're pretty simple 3D shooters, like Descent but without the vertigo, or even classic old Battlezone, and despite a few minor niggles, Incoming Forces should keep you entertained when you just want to blow stuff up. Unlike most science fiction shooting games, this one actually sees you in control of the alien forces for a change, and finds you defending your homeland against the humans which you blew up in the first game. That's about it in terms of narrative, and once the brief setup is out of the way, this is action all the way. The game itself is a mix of aerial and ground-based combat, and sees you switching between various futuristic vehicles and shooting the living daylights out of everything you see. There are a few different mission types to give the game some structure, such as escorting friendlies, destroying key enemy troops and such-like, with a few more specific ones like taking out a vehicle's shields but without destroying the vehicle itself. Incoming Forces is probably not a game you're going to be playing for months, but if you do have an urge to shoot stuff in the face, and don't mind the slightly old-school feel, then there is much to enjoy here. The mix of aerial and land combat gives the game some variety, and the vehicles do handle quite differently, while the missions are also quite varied. There are some issues with the controls, and it does get repetitive after a while, but this remains a good short-term experience.

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