Future Classics Collection

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox LIVE Studios Compilation Action based Strategic scope

5 action games from Microprose and Cinemaware

When this bundle was released, the titles contained in it were already considered classics. So don't get fooled, even if this is released back in 90, there are games in there that date much longer back in time, during the mid 89s or earlier. DiskMan for instance is a game that plays like an action but it is themed around computer management tasks. Tankbattle, as you'd expect is another prototypical action games in which you control a tiny tank and wage war on a 3D map. Another game is called Lost'n Maze another very simple action game in which you walk a stick figure through a maze, avoid the enemies, collect the keys and head towards the exit. Diet Riot is a sweet sim like game, tasking you with the management of a junk food killing riot, a really cool tactical puzzler. Blockalanche is the least original as it emulates Tetris but lets you select (from a number of given options, otherwise we'd all select the 4 squared I!) the next piece. Anyway, I guess it makes sense to give the games a try but surely the value of the bundle is all but lost now unless for its sentimental value or for its historical value. There are no jewels here, just the usual ‘working class' honest dependable games of a bygone era. But at any rate, variations on Tetris are always welcomed in my book!

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