The Final Conflict

Arcade 1990 Dos Impressions Games Strategic scope

Arcadey nuclear war simulator

The arcade style of The Final Conflict will make this game playable to fans of gamers that don't necessarily want to fiddle with the complexity of wargames but, nevertheless, want to feel involved in a larger than life game story. That is because in The Final Conflict the entire world is at war, but, the way the game works it feels like you are tackling challenges that were lifted straight from the boom of the arcade era of the 80s. Yes, much in the style of Missile Command most of the game takes place in an arcade like environment, in which you are tasked with destroying targets by clicking on them Thus, the game feels like an over the top whack the mole game, though it has a larger frame and a strategic portion to it. So, basically, you will be playing a game that is arcade action for most of its part but a level higher you will be controlling a larger strategic map, on which you will make decision in regard to where to head next. The trick is to try and capture cities rather than obliterate them completely, as each new city you add to your reign will bring you an economic plus, much needed later on in the game.

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