Future Dimension

Arcade 1995 Dos Dosbox Lifetimes Vertical shooter

Good vareity in the gameplay

It is an arcade style shooter game where the dynamics are not as typical as you see with many other arcade shooter games. There is nothing much in terms of the plot but a lot in terms of the action. You will be riding a ship which will be doing all the action and shooting. The game is not only a vertical and a side scrolling game but also the one that involves 3D levels. There are 6 levels in the game and every level has there three stages which include the side scrolling, the vertical scrolling and the 3D action stages. So there is much in terms of the variety of the gameplay. When you talk about controls, you will use a single button to lite the canvas with fire and destruction and you will dodge the incoming fires through the joystick. You will be collecting a variety of different colored symbols which will allow you to change weapons. The level designs in the game lack any sort of repetitions and this is a feature which I liked the most. The graphics and the animations are very good and smooth and the UI is targeted to facilitate the gamer effectively. Baryon is also a game which I love in this vast category.

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