Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox Interactivision A/S Vertical shooter

Arcade shooter with a 16 bit like visual theme

The game is your above average forward scrolling shooter with flying ships, reminiscent of the 16 bit era in terms of its graphics. This means that the encounters are depicted in a very crisp 2D setting, with the drawn elements seeming to suggest more depth of field. Some elements are even drawn in a faux-3D fashion, which may not impress today but nevertheless contribute to the general feel of the game. The amount of diversity in terms of enemies is not staggering, but you can expect quite a few types of fixed scenery, cannon like elements as well as a good few flying ships to come your way in different patterns. The game is colorful, and has that plastic like feel to it, that was quite popular in the middle 90s, therefore, for some it will be a privileged trip back in time. For those that haven't experience that era of gaming, the game will still prove relatively addictive and satisfying, not least because of the highly responsive controls. Do give it a try, it's worth a go without a question.

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