Simulation 1994 Dos ISM Life simulation

Genetic engineering simulator; extremely serious and clever

Hmm, if you ever wondered how it would be to get access directly to the code that defines how any living organism (or most of them, at least) is, then this mid 90s game will definitely be it. It's almost like a simulation, a serious one, that offers you access to the actual building blocks of DNA, and, there, you can manipulate it and create and evolve a fetus and see how your modifications affected the development of that embryo. It sure is a fascinating game, but definitely not for those that don't have sufficient patience. Also, because the game was never too successful, expect it to be quite buggy, and, also, expect it to be very hard to actually learn. But, here's the deal, it actually will teach you valuable information about how DNA encodes information and what it means to genetically engineer anything. Quite mind boggling if you think about it, a game that truly is worth it, for those that have an interest in genetics or in human development. Medical students will certainly appreciate it, while the rest of us can play a session of The Sims; genetic engineering is not for everyone, I'm afraid!

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