Garfield: Attack of the Mutant Lasagna

Adventure 2004 Windows System Error Third Person Humorous

Adventure by a fan of G. that took DotT too seriously!

In Garfield: Attack of the Mutant Lasagna the developers were unmistakably fans of the Garfield series, but, I would say, they were also big fans of that well crazy Day of the Tentacle adventure game, which, as we all know, was really a game that was all about the effects of poisonous radiation and the world order! And so, in this one game, the premise is kind of the same, as Garfield, and his laziness are treated to a world disaster of ginormous proportions! Yes, a lasagna left in the wild has gotten alive and it needs to be stopped. And thus, you will surely have to let it sink with you, for a while, and really take a step back and enjoy a really nice story, even in spite of the not so well done interactions, the rather lazy puzzles and graphics that are so-so at the most. But, if you don't forget that this is an independent game, that won't bother you anymore. And so, when all is said and done, you will find this game so well worth its salt. So, go ahead, give it a go, it won't disappoint. Alternatively, have the later action, Garfield's Mad About Cats around, just for diversity's sake, if you feel like playing a more action oriented production.

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