New Adventures of Zak McKracken

Adventure 2003 Windows LucasFan Third Person Humorous

Zak is back!

The original Zak McKracken is one of the most fondly remembered of the Lucasfilm point-and-click adventures, and with its mix of wacky humor and clever puzzles, it stands alongside Monkey Island and Discworld as a must play for any fan of genuinely funny games. This is actually a fan made sequel to the original and surprisingly enough, it makes for a very accomplished experience which doesn't disgrace the memory of its inspiration in any way. The story continues directly on from the first game, so make sure you play that before starting this, and once again finds our hero on a rescue mission, and which takes him all over the world in search of Annie, one of the stars of the earlier game. In terms of gameplay, this remains identical to the original, and to others of the genre, in that it's a classic point-and-click adventure, so you'll be exploring various outlandish locations, while searching for items to solve the inventory-based puzzles and interacting with the many unusual characters you'll meet along the way. Considering this is a fan made game, this is pretty decent. It retains the original's complex puzzling system, so you'll need your best lateral thinking hat on here, but they are very satisfying as well as tricky, which makes up for the occasional obtuseness. The visuals are lovely, with some superbly crisp environments and character work to enjoy, but the game is let down a bit by the rather lack luster story, which doesn't add much to the first game's, while the whole thing is quite short too. Still, it's well worth a look if you're a fan of the genre.

Good puzzles and fun humor

It is the sequel to the original game which has been made by a fan and has come 14 years after the original one was released. The original made a good fan base and if you have played that one, you will definitely love this one as well. The story this time is that after Zac saved the world from the evil aliens, his girlfriend has now been kidnapped and he is now on a quest to save her and save the planet in doing the same. So it's a very typical and common theme but the gameplay is far more unique and interesting. You will interact with verbs in the game by clicking on them and you will also have an inventory in your box. The puzzles in the game I must say have been beautifully incorporated. Though they are not as good as the original game but are very playable and are no repetitive which adds diversity to the gameplay. The graphics are good to cater one's attention and the A1 is really competitive. Not many fan made have been as good as this one and is a worth try. A game that can serve a good alternate for this one is Calsoon 2.

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