Permanent Daylight

Adventure 2001 Windows Intoxicated Little Bunny Third Person Humorous

An AGS adventure in which winter is permanent!

In Permanent Daylight you will get swept inside a story that is quite interesting: the lands in this game are suffused in a permanent winter, so, while the day/night cycle exists, the snow is in such huge quantities that there is always sun. However, there is this mad scientist which has nothing else on his mind than to turn it all on its head, and turn this world into eternal darkness. And, judging by how cute the graphics are, and how nice the entire population of this game is, that would sure be a shame! Therefore, you should definitely play this game is Adventure Game Studio games are to your liking. Say, if you liked 7 Day s Skeptic, you will also have reason to like this game. Besides, interactivity wise, this is a pretty cool game, with a plethora of nice and not that hard to figure puzzles, but all of them sufficiently immersive. Also, a great plus, the dialogues, while mostly light hearted are very well written and add to the mystery of this game quite a lot. So, yes, play it, it's an adventure that surely will take you by surprise. So make sure you download it!

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