Garfield: Saving Arlene

Action 2005 Windows Hip Games Cartoon Platformer 3D

Big Fat Hairy Deal

The lovable fat orange cat that is Garfield has starred in a number of games over the years, from the likes of Garfield's Mad About Cats, Winter's Tail and Attack of the Mutant Lasagna. Unfortunately, for the most part, pretty much all of these efforts have been fairly dire and it's a surprise to find that people keep forking out for the licence. Saving Arlene is better than most of its brethren, but this isn't exactly a glowing recommendation and if you skip this one, you're not missing much. The story finds Garfield being rudely awoken by Odie to see his chum Arlene being taken off in a car. The two head after her to save her from whatever dastardly business she's caught up in and which translates into a 3D platform adventure. There are plenty of puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat, including piranhas and nasty dogs, while the gameplay also requires that you make use of the skills of both Garfield and Odie in order to proceed. There are several special moves which are based around Garfield's famous love of food, while the story is told via comic strip-style segments in between the gameplay. Unless you're a diehard Garfield fan, then this is likely to prove of little interest to you. It's harmless enough, with some reasonable platforming and puzzle elements which are well implemented and which are quite enjoyable. The visuals are certainly true to their inspiration and give the game a nice look to it, while controls are simple and responsive. Overall, there's nothing really wrong with the game, it's just not that memorable.

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