Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue

Action 2005 Windows Empire Interactive Cartoon Platformer 3D

Super cute and fun kids adventure

Serious gamers wouldn't be seen dead looking at this, but if you've got younger players in the house, likely the female ones, then this is a pretty decent way of keeping them quiet for a while. Of course, it stars that cartoon character who is loved and loathed in equal measure, Hello Kitty, and is an action platformer where players step into her shoes and must rescue Sanrio Town from the evil machinations of King Block and his minions. It plays out a bit like God of War but in a kid friendly fashion that lacks all the gore and violence and substitutes them for cuteness and charm, as Kitty makes her way through the variously themed parts of town, battling against the block-like bad guys, engaging in mild platforming larks and bashing them with what looks like a giant lollipop. There are plenty of mini-movies and such-like to unlock and on the whole it's actually a decent enough game, when considered in the context of its target audience. The action is fast and furious, but not so challenging that younger gamers will be put off, while the visuals are as you'd expect, being wonderfully vibrant and appealing, with lots of nicely designed environments and characters that stay true to the game's origins. There's not much in the way of complexity and it is largely a button-masher but this isn't necessarily a bad thing and what is on display here is undeniably fun. The only real problems are its relatively short running time and the occasionally awkward camera angles but apart from this, you have a fine adventure that will keep its target market happy.

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