Gauntlet 2

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Military

A multiplayer action blast

Gauntlet II, a highly addictive top down, arcade action shoot 'em up style game. Originally released on the arcade machines, the game was further released on many different consoles even including the NES and Nintendo Gameboy consoles. All the different releases all feature similar gameplay, with some ports including the NES, also having simultaneous 4-player action. This can be highly enjoyable if you have 4 friends to play with (and maybe four controllers and a relevant multitap). The game is based around a fantasy theme, with ghouls, ghosts, wizards, magic, mythical creatures all being intertwined with the game. The variation of enemies is great in this aspect. Since Gauntlet II is based on arcade, rather than using a countdown timer your health points is constantly being depleted throughout the game, which therefore keeps you constantly moving and seeking to progress. Being a sequel to Gauntlet, the gameplay is very similar and I believe this game was only released one or two years later to it's predecessor. I love this game mainly for it's multiplayer co-operative action, which is makes the game a blast playing it with friends, if you can find 4 friends cool enough to still play retro games like this.

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