Alien Syndrome

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox SEGA Military Science Fiction Aliens invasion

Top down action shooter, very well produced

Alien Syndrome was a hit in its arcade cabinet incarnation, and is just as entertaining in its DOS clothes. What it does best is create a very dynamic top down shooter, very satisfying experience. It is in the small details that the game makes the best of it all, and by that I mean the animations, the way the bullets fly, the way the enemies move about. It is a precise game, if you will, a game that has learned a lot (or rather, retained) from its original of the arcades. Plus, another great attribute is that it is very cartoonish, though not in a lavish manner, but in a very restrictive, very simple manner. As such, it provides all that it needs to stay relevant and to give you a good amount of enjoyment for you. Also, what it does is have a lot of different stages, with thematic enemies and hurdles, so that it brings something fresh (and a little bit more difficult) with each new level. The bosses are also cool, well produced to tip you to what makes them vulnerable and thus the game flows great. One of the best I'd say, fast and meaty, so download it. And additionally, download Alien Shooter too, which also has a similar build but a more 16 bit Win 98 era esthetic.

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