Action 1986 Dos Capcom Military Gangster

Sword fight them all!

If you like those mythological kind of game where a superhero is the main character, you got it, Trojan. This game is a classic action which is based on a very good gaming engine and is supported by a lot of variety in the gameplay. Starting with the plot, you are a martial arts master who is skilled in the art of fighting with swords and you have decided to take down the warlords to being peace and harmony in the world. Coming to the gameplay, you have a sword with which you will take down all the enemies and will fight monsters as well. The gaming engine and the A1 is very good as it will provide you with dynamic missions with a lot of action elements which are distinct and non-repetitive. The graphics in the game are quite alluring and the level designs are also very unique and in line with the action theme. Your character Ryu has the ability to move in two different directions and can jump in 3 directions along with ducking. The player also has shield for defense which is normally not the case with such games which only involve attacking and avoiding enemies. The controls of the player are very responsive and smooth and the user interface is also good. Overall this game has all the elements of addictiveness to it.

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