Into the Eagle's Nest

Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Pandora Military

An avergae game played from a top down perspective

It's an action game which is played from a top down perspective and is not something revolutionary by any means. The first thing is that the top down perspective really limits or restricts the animations of the characters and the enemies that appear at different levels look pretty much the same. The game involves shoot at sight action and has been fused well with puzzle elements which involve items like finding keys to unlock the doors. The graphics in the game are not very pleasing as they do not cater a smooth or clear gameplay. The enemies in the game are of a large variety but you do not have a good variety of ammo to pick from which again rusts the variety factor. This limited ammo makes the game quite hard to play and can only be played by those who are expert gamers and believe me when I say that there are very few such gamers. The game in terms of the control plays fine but the level designs are quite repetitive. The action sequences are also nothing to talk about and neither the elements of destruction. So if you want to go for a way better game than this one, try out Wolfenstein 3D which involves lot action and door unlocking puzzles.

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