Action 1986 Dos Wordworks Software Military

Simple combination of Pacman and Space Invaders

They don't really come much simpler than this little shoot 'em up, abut while it is reasonably fun and addictive for a short time, its lack of depth soon reminds you that old-school isn't always great. Taking a top-down approach, X-Fighter has one simple task for players to complete, and that is to blow the living daylights out of wave after wave of anonymous alien fighter craft. Eschewing anything even approaching a plot, which is understandable, the game simply concentrates on providing challenging and enjoyable shooting action. Although almost completely lacking in originality, the game will certainly keep even hardened shooters on their toes, with a nice range of enemies that each have their own specific attack patterns and which players must be careful to observe, lest they find themselves caught out. However, there s a bit more to things, and in fact, X-Fighter is more akin to a combination of Space Invaders and Pacman, with its single-screen, maze-like environments which must be navigated in order to track down your enemies. This adds an extra layer to the game which is certainly welcome. However, beyond this, there is not much to say about the game. Graphics are as you would expect from such a rarity, being very basic with poorly detailed sprites and lack of variety, with every level looking the same. Sound too is similarly crude, with minimal effects that add little to the experience. However, while certainly far from a classic, X-Fighter has a sort of inexplicable charm that makes it difficult to dislike intensely and for an inoffensive little time-waster, it certainly delivers.

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