Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox KOEI Fantasy Turn based Top down

Crude graphic but a good strategy simulation

Gemfire is a really pretty strategy game, which feels like a condensation of ideas from tabletop games as well as from other high realism strategy products. The game plays in a fantasy medieval setting, allowing you to control the epoques unit types, the same economy based on the production and management of crude natural resources. The game features different levels of simulation, each one shown in its own screen. The low level tactical clashes play as JRPG confrontations, however your input is limited in these instances, so you're not much in control of the confrontation. There will be tactical battles waged between mages and magical creatures as well, which adds a level of fantasy to the game, which is otherwise absent from most other portions of the game. Ultimately the game feels like a tabletop simulation that is just too serious, given that it includes magical creatures and spell wielding mages. Surely, a serious strategist will feel a bit discontented by these elements which aren't really proper for the setting. Plus, the very bad color makes map reading an absolute hassle, so it's hard to really sink into the adventure. Rather go for the HoMM series if you want a strategy with better turn based tactical battles.

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