Genghis Khan

Strategy 1991 Dos Positive Historical Real time

Early day strategy and tactics game; pretty odd mix...

In Genghis Khan, the 91 product of Positive, you get a combo of strategy, high level, map based, where you move entire armies as in Risk and, just below the map, you get a black area, on top of which you will see your armies cut down to constituent units. Chivalry, pike men, sword bearers, etc. Now, the portion that is high grade strategy based is delivered in turns, while this second portion is real time, or rather, takes place in between the turns. It's a strange way to have both tactics and strategy portions delivered on the same screen at the same time, and you soon find out that it can be quite fatiguing. You just have to wait each turn to see the armies march, which is kind of non optimal, as you can't skip these animations, and most of them time they, the units, just march on, there is no actual conflict taking place. Thus, the game is elongated unnaturally, and it is becomes boring a little too soon, unfortunately. But, nonetheless, if you like oddities, this one is sure worth a look. It's definitely a broken idea, but it is original nonetheless.

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