Giana Family

Arcade 1999 Dos Dosbox Andreas Kahn Platformer

Almost a clone of Super Mario Bros, great for platforming fans

Giana Family is a serious, well produced platformer, that takes its cues from Super Mario Bros and creates a very enticing and very hard, at times experience. Yep, it's a remake of the original that was designed for the Commodore, which, all on its own part, was a sort of reimagining of Super Mario Bros. However, the developers were smart enough to put a spin on the original recipe and create a game that has a few twists and turns of its own making, which is great, as it allows you to not feel like exact deja vu! But, no matter, this one is a great game, very well done and polished enough, but never outmastering its 8bit NES master! Which, given how enticing the original Mario was, is nothing but a compliment. Other than that, today there's a version of the game that is modified to run directly in modern Windows OSes, which also cleaned it of some bugs. So, play it, in DosBox or directly in Windows, it's a nod to Super Mario, quite a lot like that one, but with enough twists and turns to be its own game. Also, play Giana Sisters, another platformer in the series, with a similar take on Super Mario revisiting.

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