Lurid Land

Arcade 1998 Windows Illusion Platformer Strategic scope

Arcade sidescroller and adventure game; playable

Lurid Land is a very well done freeware style sidescroller, pretty nifty and relatively well done. It's great, well balanced, and also, it's got a beautiful, well produced set of graphics. You progress from house to house, and you have a mini adventure at each location. The idea is that you have these small worlds, where you get into, have to collect keys, solve puzzles, and then unlock the remaining areas, in a linear fashion. You go from place to place and you will definitely get a whole of adventure from spot to spot. The game is definitely well balanced, and it has a great many secrets hidden, so you will never really feel out of place, or, out of a challenge. Graphics wise, a lot of the content is reused, but that too is alright, since the game does a good job of the level designs per se, even if areas will tend to look similar to one another. So, overall, Lurid Land is great, well polished, well done and definitely great, overall, maybe less so than Xargon but it sure is worth of your collection. So have it in your sidescrollers oddities folder, just in case!

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