Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria

Adventure 2001 Windows ALS Computing Third Person Indie

Gilbert's a fun guy

Similar in style to the classic Monkey Island series of point-and-click adventures, Gilbert Goodmate is a bizarrely humorous experience that doesn't quite live up to its inspirations but which is still well worth a look if you want something a little out there. The story is perhaps the game's biggest appeal and is a delightfully bonkers tale that is based around the annual Mushroom Festival that takes place in a strange land. Legend tells how many years ago, an evil wizard was defeated with nothing more than a mushroom and which now takes pride of place at the festival. When the mushroom is stolen while under the watch of Gilbert Goodmate's grandfather, it falls to Gilbert to find it and save the old man from the gallows. What follows is a classically styled point-and-click adventure which requires you to explore the land of Phungoria while talking to the bizarre cast of characters, grabbing items and using them to solve the many inventory-based puzzles which bar your progress. The whole thing is told via hand-drawn graphics and features full voice casting, giving it an expensive feel. Although the gameplay here is very standard stuff with little variation from the template laid down by other similar games, there's no denying there's some entertainment to be had here. Most of this comes from the story which is very humorous and generally quite fun, in a silly kind of way. It's got a good cast of memorable characters and some genuinely witty dialogue while the puzzles and visuals are well-done and will also keep you playing. It's not a perfect game but for a bit of good old-fashioned fun, you could do worse.

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