Adventure 2000 Windows Eidos Third Person

Worth for a few hours of virtual adventure

Timeline is a 2000 adventure game based on the Michael Crichton's novel. Michael is also famous for his Jurassic Park books. The main character is Chris Hughes, a Yale's student with a degree in archeology, who must save his professor with the aid of a time travel machine. The setting is absolutely marvelous, and you will explore Castelgard, La Roque, french medieval castles, a mill, an abandoned cathedral, a few caves, secret passages and many more. This game will not suit the tastes of the gamers that prefer violence, because the enemies will surrender very quickly after you attack them. In Prologue you will take the chance to get used to the game's interface and missions. You will train your skills, your ability to use guns like the sword and stun staff (which is the most fatal and destructive). You will face various trial performances and after you will be prepared completely, you will start to enjoy Timeline even more! Those that took time time to read the book first will be able to anticipate some elements and to decode better the challenges and signs encountered throughout the story. The level of difficulty is quite low, given the fact that you won't need extra focus and a high intelligence to finish it. But is worth your few hours of playing and engaging in a wonderful adventure!

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