The Ward

Adventure 2000 Windows 1C Company Science Fiction Third Person

If you want to embark in a SF adventure in the universe

The Ward is a 2000 futuristic adventure game that puts you in a hard situation, as a part of Apollo XIX. You have to save yourself and the civilization from a dangerous thing that attacked your crewmate on the moon. This threat suddenly appeared while investigating some new lunar seismic activities. I recommend another science-fiction adventure that takes place on the moon. Now you will experience what is like to be alone, facing the danger on the largest natural satellite of the Earth. Your player will pass through three different chapters of the adventure, and you will meet various aliens and humans. The dialogue will help you advance in the game, offering important information. There are plenty of puzzles to solve, being pretty challenging. In order to be efficient in solving them, you have to prove your patience, tenacity and logic. The graphics are well done, detailed but also too dull for my tastes. There were momensts when I thought I discovered some new exciting locations, but somehow, the developers failed to apply their imagination too much. The action is fairly liniar, and I always thought that some of the actions are done without any purpose. But as a conclusion, if you want to embark in a SF adventure in the universe, The Ward can be quite enjoyable.

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